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[EN] Server Rules
*** xWoW Rules and Regulations ***

It is very important before you start using your account to read and understand the following rules. Breaking these rules will result in a warning and/or punishment.

1. Do not ask for free stuff or any other benefits from staff members. You will get punished instead.

2. Do not use vulgar or inappropriate language on public channels, mail or private messages regarding the server or any other members. Excessive use of vulgar language on private channels makes no exception from this rule.

3. Do not settle your disputes in the public channels or any other server wide channel. If you really have an issue take it to a private chat (whisper).

4. It is forbidden to use any kind of hack programs or any other bug that can give you an advantage over the game, we assure you that you will get caught and we will take you the privilege to play on our server.

5. If you find a bug that can give players an advantage over the game please report it in our bug tracker immediately.

6. It is forbidden to trade, sell or share your personal account for a long/short period of time. (will result in permanent ban on account, IP or even erase your character).

7. Do not ask a GM how to use your items/quests/spells/talents etc.
- Check www.wowhead.com
- Check www.wowwiki.com for game history.

8. Spamming (undesired messages, repeating the same word or sentence many times to get attention) will get you punished.

9. Don't address a GM with dude, bro, man etc. They work very hard to make a pleasant environment. Just be patient and be polite! Disregarding this rule will be punished very harsh.

10. If you think you were mistreated, post on the forum using a civilized language and bring solid evidence.

11. Always listen to what the GMs have to say. GMs reserves the right to ban you 12-24 hour for disobeying this rule.

12. Don't disturb staff members on MSN, YM!, Skype or ingame while they are playing with their private characters.

13. Don't ask if something has been fixed. If you want to find out, find out on your own, that's why it's called an educational server!

14. Threatening the Staff/Players is an offense that will lead to a ban. We don't take this lightly!

15. Before you create a ticket please read the How to create a ticket topic. If your ticket doesn't fit that pattern your ticket will be deleted without further notice.

16. You have the obligation to know the rules. Apologies like: "I didn't know", "nobody told me", "I didn't read", etc. are not accepted. Please read them from time to time since this is a living document. Rules and regulations will be added and changed as time goes on.

17. Do not use vulgar or inappropriate words when naming your pets or characters. You'll most likely be renamed and suspended.

18. Do NOT tell Staff Members what to do. This includes asking for whispers on any channel. All in-game problems will be solved via the ticket system in an orderly fashion.

19. Do NOT spam "bump" on every thread that you want to be fixed. This will not make that post to be fixed faster. You will get a 10% warn for every bump that you post on any of the forums threads. This can be permanent if the GM considers that is necessary.

20. It is forbidden to own/create more than two personal accounts. Violation of this rule will result in closing / deleting them without any further notice.

- When events take place they are designed so that players will have fun. Do not complain when you lose.
- PVP situations are not Life and Death situations. Be friendly!
- Do not complain about being killed by someone. If they break a rule, screenshot it, report them and you win without saying anything to them.
- If a person is constantly annoying you, kindly ask them to stop; if they continue use /ignore
- Do not try getting into places in which you don't belong (for example: GM Island).
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