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[EN]Forum Rules
Welcome to xWoW!

Welcome to xWoW! We offer you one of the best private server experiences available. We hope you will have a good time in our community!


Thank you for taking the time to read and understand our rules.

As a member you are bound by certain expectations and responsibilities. We expect the same conduct on our website as we do on our game servers. Your opinions may not be compatible with others' opinions, but each player here deserves to have their voice heard, so to speak.

- We will not tolerate abuse between members. If you have a disagreement, then please take it to some private form of communication.
- Don't be rude with other people on the forum especially to the Administrators, they make an effort to help you; do not address to them with "dude", "bro" etc.


Use search before creating a new topic. On many occasions you'll find what you're looking for faster. Please assist us in keeping this forum clean and information easy to find.


We advise you to take your time with your post before you submit it. Not all the posts can get a reply and forming a smart post can bring you much faster the information you're looking for.

Do not write personal data in posts. Personal data is given only in a private manner. Do not write your e-mail address or messenger id, this kind of information is found on your profile.

Do not write two messages one after another. Edit the old one and add there all that you have forgotten to post from the beginning.

Do not attack persons regarding their habits, tastes, opinions or concepts that seem totally wrong. Always discuss the idea, not the person.

Do not post copyrighted material that may interfere with international copyright laws.

All posts must be in English or at least contain an English translation of the whole content.

Size Limits

Signatures should be no larger than 500x150. Overly large signatures make it harder for people to read the forums due to the amount of space taken up by the sigs.

Avatars should not be larger than 100x100. It may cause discomfort when reading a topic.


We encourage all members to be as comfortable as possible in the environment we provide. We want you to feel free to express your opinions and discuss the many things you find important. There are, however, some limitations on what is considered acceptable.

-Language Filter
We have attempted to provide a language filter that replaces the offensive word used with a non-offensive image. censored.gif We will, as needed, add words to the list. You are advised not to use misspellings or use replacement characters or spaces to get around the filter.

We will periodically delete posts determined to be spam. This is not different from most communities and we expect that you will respect our goal of keeping this site clean and information easy to find. This includes double-posting.

The WoW private server community is very large and is filled with many groups and organizations. We leave the tracking, indexing and rumors of other communities to other websites. Therefore, we prohibit the advertising of other private servers on our site. In return, we expect our members to refrain from advertising our community on other websites.

-Pornographic Material
No images, text, audio or material of any type may be posted on this site if it can be construed as pornographic in nature. Please help us keep our site free of offensive material.

This site was built on the concepts of understanding and respect. We will not tolerate harassment of any kind. You may not use our site to discriminate against, or abuse in any way, any person based on their race, sex, creed, religious or sexual preferences. Ever.

Rights and Privileges

We reserve the right to take a range of disciplinary actions against members who fail or refuse to follow our guidelines.

We reserve the right to place warnings, suspend posting and other privileges, and ban members for failure of following our guidelines. These actions may be temporary or permanent at our discretion.

We reserve the right to edit, move, delete or hide posts that do not meet our guidelines or for any other reason that is determined appropriate by management.


We welcome you to our boards and we hope you enjoy your time spent here with us. We appreciate you taking the time to read and understand our rules. We look forward to meeting you!

Please take time to remember that we are a community. Together we can accomplish things that, individually, would be impossible.

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